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I apologise for getting a little sciency but I kind of can’t help it when I see these tranny girls. I am simply in awe of what we can do these days as far as manipulating biology and surgery is concerned.

I have done some research since I don’t like taking things for face value or just because one source stated something and I can confirm that this is definitely the top end of the scale as far as looks are concerned. More bluntly; this is nowhere near what the typical shemale looks like. As far as the average shemale, you could probably tell from a mile away that it used to be a guy.

It still impresses me immensely that we are able to achieve the results such as the trannies showcased on this site since it means that it is indeed possible and therefore not entirely unrealistic to expect that some day, probably not in the very distant future, we’ll have sex changes down perfectly. You’d never be able to tell that a girl was born a guy.

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