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hookupsIf you’re looking to figure out the art of adult hookups more frequently, you better listen up. The truth is the art of the hookup is not as hard as you think. There are just so many guys with so much vested interest in making it out to be more complicated and more convoluted than it really is. I don’t really blame them because there are lots of pickup artist books and male self-confidence books published regarding this topic. The more people make the art of the online hookup mysterious, the more money they make indeed.

That’s the bottom line. It’s all about Economics 101. Be that as it may, if you are really serious about hooking up more frequently, pay attention to the following factors.

Always have your game on

You don’t know whether you’re dealing with somebody who might want to suck your dick or take it up the ass from you. Seriously. That woman might be married, she might have a boyfriend that she loves, but all that goes down the toilet once she sees how awesome you are.

You have to remember that a lot of women have lots of unmet sexual needs. This is why you always have to have your game on because it might just take one look or the right word and she’s down on her knees getting down to business.

Always remember that they need you more than you need them

A lot of guys fail to hook up online because they think that they need women. The moment you start thinking this way, guess what will happen. That’s right. Pussy will run away from you. That’s how it works. It’s called the law of attraction. The more desperate you are, the more people will smell that desperation and run away from you.

However, if you are confident about yourself and you’re happy with yourself, and you fully respect and love yourself, guess what happens. Women would want some of that. That’s how it works. So stop making things more complicated than they really are.

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