Posted By Admin on 06/26/18

I thought I could not be any more impressed when I read that I could get access to 35+ pornstar sites for less than 10 bucks. I mean honestly, that is dirt cheap. Then I started reading through the list of names and checked out the few I didn’t recognise by name alone because honestly, I’m not all that good at names and I don’t exactly watch porn to get to know anyone. The women are smoking hot, what a bargain I have stumbled across.

Use this Pornstar Platinum discount for 67% off and you will be able to save a huge percentage off the regular 30-day pass fee just as I did. I must admit though that in the few days that I’ve spent here now I realise that there is just so much content and it is just so good that I think I should actually have scooped up their yearly subscription option. This option is discounted by 75% and works out to only $7.49 per month equivalent.

Really, both are dirt cheap deals.

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