Posted By Karlie on 08/20/21

I’ve heard of a lot of people being into the whole pissing fetish, but I always thought it was disgusting and something I’d never be able to get into. Then I was having sex with a chick one night and she was a squirter. I hadn’t ever experienced anything like it before and I honestly thought she was pissing on me. As it turns out, she wasn’t, but I was incredibly turned on by it and that’s what made me open up my mind. I found out I could get a 72% off discount to Vipissy and decided to see what it was all about.

There are a lot of different categories covered here including anal, babe, blowjob, boy-girl, cheers, close pink, crazy, diving, hairy, lesbians, mopping, pussy wash, rinse job, shaved, shy pee, squirt, and wet panties. There’s even degustation which means the drinking of pee. This is a wet and wild ride that will blow your mind. Open your mind to something new and you just might find you enjoy it. 


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