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In a case where you’re actually involved with a real female, another issue comes up. There is no shortage of women who go to sex dating sites to get their kicks. It’s not like they’re banging all these dudes. They just love the attention of all these horny guys from all four corners of the globe trying to get into her panties. They love that shit, they love the attention.

The problem is when the time comes to do the deed, a lot of them catch cold feet. Some of them go through with it, but the problem is you might get killed. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You show up to a motel room and all of a sudden an angry husband busts down the door with a shotgun and off you go to the world beyond.

You see where I’m coming from here? Don’t be a statistic. When talking to the women you’ve met at sex dating sites, pay attention to what they say about their civil status. Are they married? Are they divorced? Are they separated? Are they seeing guys on the side?

Now, keep in mind that a lot of husbands are perfectly okay with their woman fucking other dudes. These are called open marriages. Don’t freak out just because a chick tells you that she’s married. If her husband says that it’s perfectly okay, then that’s fine. In fact, there are many weird situations where the husband would actually insist on going on the date and watching you fuck his wife.

I mean, it happens. There are lots of freaky people out there, just check out . You just got to roll with the punches. If It’s uncomfortable for you, then there’s really no law mandating that you should go through with it. Still, you need to make sure that everything is clear as far as emotional entanglements are concerned because, hey, let’s face it, nobody likes being on the business end of a Colt 45.

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