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Personally, I only keep dating a girl if I can make her squirt. Why? Bitches lie and I don’t want to wonder if she’s actually cumming. But when a girl sprays me with her pussy juice I can remove all doubt about her having a good time. Plus, I must admit that I get off way harder with a girl squirting on my face.

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Do you feel like there’s just not enough amateur Asian porn out there? Maybe you just haven’t been looking in the right places! But if you happen to be looking right here, right now, then you’re absolutely looking in the correct place. Let me prove it to you!

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Sometimes reality seems a bit overrated. That’s why I try my best to escape reality whenever possible. I’ll lose myself in some music, or a movie, or a game, or a show, but mostly I try to find some amazing porn fantasy to help really take me away from it all. And oddly enough, reality porn is what I love fapping to the most.

Maybe it’s because reality porn is based on the situations I’d love to find myself in. Who doesn’t want to hook up with the hottest girls next door? Who doesn’t like the thought of getting seduced? There are so many reality-based scenes that get me off, and the best ones are always on Reality Kings. They truly are the monarchs of this genre.

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Hurry and grab this Shiofuky discount for 85% off instantly. It’s crazy how hard these girls can cum.

I love giving girls orgasms. First of all, it’s just hot to me. The whole process is fun, sexy, and satisfying. It makes me feel like I’ve done a good job. I never want a girl to be thinking I couldn’t please her, you know? But I guess there’s still the potential that they could have been faking all those moans and groans. Maybe they weren’t really getting off. But that’s why I only like to date girls who can squirt. There’s no way those bitches can fake that sex juice pouring out of their pussies.

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Once I had this girlfriend who could squirt. I’m not sure if you’ve ever dated a girl like this but it is a trip! It’s also hot as fuck and I wish I knew more girls with this talent. Plus, it’s a lot easier to tell if a girl is faking her orgasm or not. (But I’m sure no girl has ever faked with me.)

You can imagine my excitement when I found this site called Squirting Lesbians. Sure, I love seeing a girl shoot that sex juice across the room, but it’s twice as hot when another girl is involved. Shit, I don’t even care if there’s a cock within a thousand miles of lesbians this hot. I love watching them strip down and go wild on each other, licking and sucking and fingering.

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